January, 2019 issue

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Main contents

Cover [832KB] ■Put thought of the New Year to mallet (medium-grade articles public hall annex Festival)

■We believe power of person. Brand "zen" of pride and crop of Aso


■We send young voice to run after dream, and to run after - dream
 Nozomi Shibata feather (in shibata, the thigh) Aso west elementary school, six years


■Greetings of the New Year

  • Mayor of Aso Yoshioki Sato
  • Aso City parliamentary speaker Hirotoshi Kurahara

■10 size news of Aso City looking back on 2018


■Topic City Topics of town

  • Aso corporation society young man sectional meeting is the national second place by land tax instructional activity
  • Sumio Hiyoshi of former superintendent of education is presented with zuitakarasokosho
  • 2018 human rights Festival holding
  • ASO grassy plain Festival 2018
  • Music event Aso Active Fault LIVE holding of Kario
  • Aso central part construction promotion meeting removes illegal dumping garbage
  • Road river environment beautification contest commendation ceremony
  • Eiichi Ichihara is presented with zuitakaratankosho
  • We carry out Aso volcano disaster prevention drill after an interval of five years
  • It is honored as excellent builder by Katsuichi Yamamoto
  • Koichi Yamauchi is prefecture stock raising expo grand champion
  • Rikuo Yuasa is presented with Medal with a Green Ribbon

■Topic City Topics (follow) of town

  • Kusasenri observation deck is completed
  • Thai national idol group is Aso support
  • We see the sights and promote, and Aso City, Taketa-shi, JR Kyushu agrees and concludes
  • Chikako Nakayama is gold medal receiving a prize in national contest of rice
  • "Oldness and construction" are Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize receiving a prize
  • Hiroaki Yamauchi and Mutsumi Noguchi are young people fosterer commendation
  • Child of Uto ward distributes handmade Shinto straw festoon in ward
  • Kyoko Jinbo is commended by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

■The participants introduces national conventions

■The 14th Aso citizen area opposition relay road race meeting result


■News from city hall

  • Report of city prefectural tax, National Health Insurance tax begins on Monday, February 18 in 2019 (for 2018)
  • Aso City congressist general election

■News (follow) from city hall

  • If become 20 years old; national pension
  • It is made with meal not to use tableware which is helpful at the time of disaster for
  • We accept Aso City competition preliminary screening of prospective bidders application
  • Even person of the suburbs can subscribe to public information Aso


■Aso medical center communication #39

■On seeing human rights composition grandfather
 Aso Junior High School three years Riko Takehara (takehara, riko)

■Let's go to library! Aso Library News

  • Notice
  • Bookmobile
  • Book notice

■Information of living

  • Information for "school expenses loan of country" (Japanese policy safe)
  • Let's join sports security insurance!
  • 2019 international athletic meets to reach with barrier-free of heart
  • Person breeding chicken, goat, wild boar needs bulletin
  • "Kumamoto forestry college" founds a school in April, 2019
  • Recruitment of Kumamoto person with a disability sports conventionalists
  • Let's talk about community improvement cafe Geopark of Aso
  • Interview Counseling service on in Aso taxation office needs advance reservations
  • Information for recruitment of members of Ichinomiya Mullins Little League club, experience-based meeting
  • Information for various Counseling service on
  • It is asked "Ken 2 informing" for address registration toward the registration

■Route 57 north side restoration route two folds mountain pass tunnel construction progress (as of December 1)


■Child care support center information

■Joy contribution

  • Baby
  • Marriage
  • Contribution
  • The eighty-eighth birthday
  • Movement of person

■ASO Rural Space Museum communication No. 77


■Caldera living vol.21 

■Local production for local consumption cooking "with Mayo curry of broccoli"

 ■Refreshing freshman Aso taxation office duty Chika Oshiro (do chika)

Back cover [882KB] ■Event calendar of January
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