June, 2018 issue

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Main contents

Cover [1.2MB] ■You feel nature to be, and run the earth! ASO ROUND TRAIL (Aso round trail)

■We believe power of person. Brand zen of pride and crop of Aso


■Run after dream; and Murakami God (irregularity or miso and others) Yamada Elementary School six years


■We prepare for special feature disaster

  • We protect the body from storm and flood damage
  • We protect the body from earth and sand disaster
  • It is confirmation disaster prevention information beforehand
  • Possess; and reliable emergency article

■Let's follow getting out garbage rule!

■We support a part of the purchase expense of garbage processing machine

■Do not do illegal dumping, do not let do!

■Life that is ecological by shopping bag refusal!


■Topic of town

  • Aim; is soccer representative from Japan 2018 dianthus & kids soccer in Aso
  • Cooperation design BEIJING OLYMPIC copper medalist Shingo Suetsugu is the next agency under the theme of "the first of the season"
  • We pray for refreshing camping life with camping ground difference in Bo safely
  • Access restoration Aso panorama line to the Mount Aso top is whole line opening
  • It is issued Kumamoto tax practice staff additional post collection written appointment to collection rate up of tax
  • OMRON Aso donates book card to elementary and junior high school with book so that child passes
  • It is parent and child tea picker in Uchinomaki elementary school experience-based by traditional tea picking
  • Heart in nothing ring of impression the seventh Aso center High School athletic meet "Mt. five festival"
  • Board of elections of 70 Kyushu is concentration Aso City, and association of Kyushu city board of elections society general meeting is held
  • Smell is hanaikukatsudo in hanaiku (hanaiku) Aso center High School to learn the most moving passage
  • Project to make the future of reflection Teno village in opinion of "other place thing" together in village

■City designated cultural assets restore "principal idol of Shinkouji" by the furtherance of Sumitomo foundation

■The whole country, international meeting participants introduction


■News from city hall

  • Do you not adopt fluoride application for the cavity prevention?
  • Staff of Aso integrated administration of a large region office work association (care person) offer
  • Request when it is had a medical examination with medical institution to elderly aged 75 or over medical care people insured
  • Report of present situation of children's allowance until Friday, June 29
  • We assist expense of earthquake-resistant diagnosis, earthquake proofing design of door-built wooden house
  • Right moving / donation of hire and buying and selling of farmland, inheritance / farmer's pension
  • Electric fence material costs and hunting license acquisition expense assistance for farm products damage prevention

■Information of living

  • Information for person of "the 60th lathe lead couple commendation to get married" pertinence acceptance
  • Labor insurance year update procedure until from June 1 to July 10
  • Prevention of forestry work-related accident campaigns in June, July
  • I would like cooperation for making of first Bon list
  • Please consult about person in hope of work in being at home
  • << main event of June >>
  • Shall we participate in conference and group of own death bereaved meeting?
  • Kyushu all at once! Inheritance registration conference & inheritance seminar
  • Recruitment of students with Open University of Japan
  • Village firefly tour of blue water firefly
  • Route 57 north side restoration route two folds mountain pass tunnel construction progress (as of May 21)

■Aso cycle tourism communication Vol.15

■Human rights composition "exercise of baseball with father" Aso Elementary School six years Yoshiki Sato (satoukeiju)


■Aso medical center communication #32

  • The role medical treatment results as local core hospital

Let's go to library!

  • Notice
  • Bookmobile
  • Book notice

■Calendar & joy contribution of living

  • At-home medicine
  • Medical examination
  • Counseling service on
  • Child care
  • Marriage
  • Contribution
  • Baby
  • The eighty-eighth birthday
  • Movement of person

■Aso City business and industry society youth group relay interview Reiji Tomizawa (tomizawareiji) to act in hometown

■Local production for local consumption cooking "salad udon"

■Refreshing freshman Kazuteru Miyamoto (we wear Miyamoto)

Back cover [1.5MB] ■Aso photo on Instagram
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