Privacy policy of Aso City homepage

Aso City tries to be available in peace in deference to your privacy that our homepage is read. About personal information that can identify individuals of full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, we perform the appropriate handling based on rule of "Aso City system for privacy protection".

Personal information to place in Aso City homepage

As a general rule, except thing that Motoichi admitted that there is utility, we do not place personal information. When we recognize the need of publication, we publish in the range that obtained consent from the person by document beforehand.

It limits collection of personal information

We can usually read as anonymity freely without having you offer any information about you when we read Aso City homepage.

We may do statistical analysis to improve satisfaction of user on Aso City homepage, but therefore may not collect personal information.

When Aso City collects personal information through Aso City homepage, we should be offer (registration) of information by intention of user.

In collection of personal information, we state collection purpose clearly and perform in range necessary to achieve purpose that we stated clearly.

We do not perform the use, offer out of the purpose

We use personal information that had offer (registration) only within the collection purpose that we exhibited beforehand unless we establish in ordinance of privacy protection including case to include agreement of the person and may not provide to suburbs region.

We manage appropriately

About personal information that we collected, site webmaster manages severely and takes appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust diversion, manipulation. In addition, we discard surely and immediately or personal information that did not have to hold removes.


Content to give in this page is applied only to ( in Aso City homepages. Site (link) of third party who can access through other sites and Aso City homepages that Aso City runs determines official regulations about collection and protection of personal information originally separately from Motoichi. For the handling of personal information that these sites perform in Motoichi any duty do not take responsibility.