November, 2018 issue

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Main contents

Cover [783KB] ■Do you know? Rice (we cut rice of photograph Aso center High School agriculture food department) of Aso

■We believe power of person. Brand "zen" of pride and crop of Aso


■We send young voice to run after dream, and to run after - dream
 Hibiki Hashimoto (Hashimoto, sound) Aso junior high school, three years


■Is there special feature intellect? Rice of Aso

  • Kind that cultivate most of the Koshihikari
  • It is the fifth cultivation area in the prefecture
  • Half of farm products installing is paddy-rice for staple food
  • The cultivation area of the rice for feed is number one in Japan
  • Consumption of rice decreases
  • The U.S. making of brings up water and follows area
  • Rice of Aso asking specialist of rice
  • The making of rice approved in the whole country
  • We are chosen by world's best raw materials rice of rice

■The financial statements situation of 2017 Aso City

  • The general account annual revenue, the annual expenditure total sum
  • Main project which we carried out in 2017
  • Special accounts and corporate accounting
  • We will tell about the restoration judgment ratios of Aso City finance

■Information for 2019 nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care admission procedure

■Recruitment of members of Aso City family support center!


■Topic CityTopics of town

  • Autumn Traffic Safety Campaign starting expression
  • Night with a full moon tug of war is held in two wards of Uchinomaki
  • In Aso-jinja Shrine farming sacred rites "field true festival"
  • Matsumoto and Kudo win the championship at citizens of Kumamoto athletic meet
  • Aso culture tourism creation symposium
  • Aso west children child observes the double mountain pass tunnel construction spot
  • Eto is life commendation longevity brightness
  • The new construction start of construction of Namino branch
  • Picture child contest work announcement to reduce garbage
  • Aso City first tablet terminal introduction
  • It is held in three places of silver athletic meet cities
  • Aso City war dead memorial service
  • Aso City environment classroom is held for 3R promotion month
  • It is letter of thanks from the Minister of Justice by the Civil Rights Commissioner retirement
  • The thirteenth Aso citizen charity golf meet

■The national convention participants and result


■News from city hall

  • We change fees such as certificates from January 4
  • Autumn national fire prevention campaign from Friday, November 9 to 15th Thursday

■Until day when human rights composition can encounter
  Namino Junior High School three years Kana Iwashita (we let you say kana)

■Let's go to library! Aso Library News

  • Notice
  • Bookmobile
  • Book notice

■Sunday, January 27, 2019 is Aso City congressist general election

■Aso medical center communication #37


■Information of living

  • Kumamoto minimum wages were revised
  • National pension premium that we paid is object of total amount social insurance deduction
  • Thursday, December 6 is Aso land improvement district representative election election day
  • Taegu (tegu) line service memory group trip furtherance project
  • November is child abuse prevention month
  • Kumamoto census registers and maps number plate issue start with pattern
  • Holding of year-end tax adjustment briefing session
  • Let's learn in parent and child! Programming experience classroom 2018
  • Aso corporation society lecture
  • 2018 Aso City Council of Social Welfare staff employment examination
  • "Aso area diabetes prevention resident forum" holding
  • Kumamoto employment fair holding
  • "2018 Aso world's cultural heritage registration promotion symposium in Aso" held decision
  • The sixth kai*hosai
  • Woman limitation! Young person cattle farmer and barbecue exchange meeting
  • House contact family Christmas society of youth exchange
  • We establish human rights hot line of woman
  • Interview Counseling service on in Aso taxation office needs advance reservations
  • Stop-at-home conference
  • It is Counseling service on, person with a disability Counseling service on, pension business trip Counseling service on together with legal advice, worry
  • Health consultation, aso youth working conference of consumer life Counseling service on, dementia cafe, heart
  • Route 57 north side restoration route two folds mountain pass tunnel construction progress (as of October 16)

■Child care support center information

■Joy contribution

  • Baby
  • Marriage
  • Contribution
  • The eighty-eighth birthday
  • Movement of person

■We send topic that is HOT of Aso UNESCO Geopark. Caldera living vol.20

■Local production for local consumption cooking "fruit and asparagus okonomiyaki of side"

■Refreshing freshman Yui Okumura (spot to put is called)

Back cover [802KB] ■Event calendar of November
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  • Telephone 0967-22-3111