October, 2018 issue

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Main contents

Cover [562KB] ■Defense person of grassy plain

■We believe power of person. Brand "zen" of pride and crop of Aso


■Run after dream; and sakai*kakeri (boundary excess) Ichinomiya Junior High School three years


■Defense person of special feature grassy plain

  • Grassy plain which has been inherited
  • Grassy plain reproduction operator association
  • Possibility of grassy plain
  • Request from grassy plain reproduction operator association
  • (public interest incorporated foundation) Activity to protect green of Aso green stock Aso

■Topic of town

  • Sakanashi child society appears on festival of folk art
  • Aso human 21 school festival holding
  • Moo-cow Festa & stock raising expo holding
  • Child of Yamada Elementary School is daily river patrol
  • Child of the Uchinomaki small, the Yamada small interchanges and experiences
  • Two people of Aso City are awards for excellence at prefecture firefighting how to handle meeting
  • Hall tie-up that volcano Museum and Rocky Museum are sister
  • 78 sets get married, and they commend gold in Aso City
  • The fifth aso YOSAKOI Festival holding
  • We open a course in administrative counseling home delivery of cooked foods course in Narikawa ward
  • We win PR award in oldness and vaunted CM in the first half

■National convention participants introduction


■News from city hall

  • We go around on Sunday on 28th on rabies vaccination Saturday, October 27
  • Do you finish issue application of my number card?
  • We open special administrative counselor's office
  • We receive influenza vaccination, and let's prepare for the fashion

■News (follow) from city hall

  • Let's receive autumn resident medical examination (compound medical examination)
  • Please use relief, convenient fund transfer for payment of municipal tax
  • We hold "municipal administration briefing session" aiming at open municipal administration
  • Disaster public housing entering application until Thursday, November 15

■Human rights composition
  wakabaachantono night Yamada Elementary School six years Ario Nishimura (result that Nishimura says)

■Let's go to library!

  • Notice
  • Bookmobile
  • Book notice

■Aso medical center communication

  • We work on "full-scale non-smoking in hospital site" from December 1
  • We will tell about the foreign medical treatment system from October

■Information of living

  • Information for war dead memorial service
  • We make from city mine! Medal project of all
  • Schedule of Aso City congressist general election was fixed
  • We hold "food appropriate indication impeller class"
  • "Way of working" changes
  • HIV (AIDS) inspection is received by free of charge, anonymity
  • Information for foster-parent system briefing session
  • Request of registration to sports trainers agency
  • kikuikegunshiishikairitsukammamorikotosenshugakukojugenshaboshu
  • Kumamoto shake-out training conduct
  • Public information Aso advertisement offer
  • The sixth ASO animal protection Festival
  • The twelfth Aso City school festival
  • The thirteenth Aso City child art festival
  • The 16th passes and enshrines saw
  • House of interchange is open space inASO of all
  • Shinmachi satellite walk
  • Judicial scrivener, land and house investigator for free law, registration conference
  • ASO Bike Weeks
  • Free law (procedure) conference with court
  • Various counseling service
  • Route 57 north side restoration route two folds mountain pass tunnel construction progress (as of September 18)

■Child care support center information

■The from Monday, October 15 to Thursday, January 31, 2019 hahinokuni atomic bomb atomic bomb exercise conduct period

■Joy contribution

  • Baby
  • Marriage
  • Contribution
  • The eighty-eighth birthday
  • Movement of person

■Aso cycle tourism communication Vol.17

■ASO Rural Space Museum communication No. 76


■Photoreport "eighth size Aso spirit walk 2018"

■Aso City business and industry society youth group relay interview to act in hometown
  Yusaku Yamabe (yamabeyuusaku) Oncorhynchus masou print

■Local production for local consumption cooking "pumpkin salad"

■Refreshing freshman Masato Takehara (takeharamasato)
  Kumamoto seal industry duty

Back cover [985KB] ■Event calendar of October
  • General affairs department General Administration Division
  • Telephone 0967-22-3111