July, 2018 issue

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Main contents

Cover [1.1MB] One chastity consecration "Aso City firefighting team normal check, how to handle tournament"

We believe power of person. Brand zen of pride and crop of Aso


Run after dream; and Ishimatsu spring moon (ishimatsuhazuki) Uchinomaki Elementary School six years

P4-5[2.8MB] Photoreport "Aso City firefighting team normal check, how to handle tournament"
P6-7[2.3MB] We introduce activity contents to ASO environment symbiosis fund project this
P8-9[1.6MB] Resident medical examination begins on Thursday, July 19

Topic of town

  • Evaluation corporation society young man sectional meeting is the highest award land tax instructional activity in activity presentation of Minamikyushu
  • Achievement Yasuo Shiga and Saburo Sato are Xuri single Mitsuaki receipt of a decoration for extension of local autonomy
  • Etsuko Shihomi presents seedling of sunflower for smile in all with sunflower
  • It is covered with mud and plants rice in the first rice-transplanting Kitakurokawa district and experiences
  • It is fire drill for lesson by North Kyushu heavy rain in Sakanashi district for the rainy season

Topic (follow) of town

  • Feel construction industry close, and young person of constructor is the Uchinomaki small; volunteer
  • Water supply company in the beautification activity city environmental for water supply week is cleaning volunteer
  • Agriculture experience-based flower flatters with delicious strawberry, and children gather strawberries by the resurrection beauty
  • With care to yellow flowers! Specific foreign creature tickseed extermination activity
  • Child society of Uto ward cleans volunteer experience, and it is active by child
  • zo rou daiasorakunokumigojoseibu campaigns with milk (chichi) day of milk in Father's Day

News from city hall

  • Care premium changes (structure of care insurance)


News (follow) from city hall

  • Identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care person insured is updated
  • Identification of National Health Insurance person insured is updated
  • We maintain local action equipment in community furtherance project
  • Information for exemption, payment postponement system of national pension premium
  • Clinical survey subsidy application of National Health Insurance person insured 30 years or older

News (follow) from city hall

  • Refund of "hot water of dream" coupon and the use in "Azalea 21" hot spring
  • Operational start of Kokura play Suichi
  • About reports such as development activities

News (follow) from city hall

  • Recruitment of 2018 city staff
  • Recruitment of staff of Aso integrated administration of a large region office work association
  • 2018 self-defense official employment examination
  • Summer geo-site and Aso Volcanic Museum (recruitment of participants)
  • The whole country, Kyushu meeting participants introduction and result

■Information of living

  • When we build cattle sheds and build more, prior consultation is necessary by scale
  • Stop! Farming accident
  • Firefighting equipment person examination guidance
  • It is exercise emphasis month to light society in July
  • Food indication system briefing session is held
  • Winter of 2018 provincial tour Grand Sumo Tournament Aso Takamori place
  • 2018 "World AIDS Day" poster contest
  • Smartphone classroom (Android) for lifelong study special course seniors
  • West Iwao temple cultural assets display
  • We make a tour of nagashi somen experience and power spots in famous clear water of Teno
  • Route 57 north side restoration route two folds mountain pass tunnel construction progress

It is delivery "caldera living" Vol.18 by topic that is HOT of Aso UNESCO Geopark

"Is about noh dance" human rights composition; Namino Elementary School six years Hiroto Irita (nyutataito)


Aso medical center communication #33

  • Civic extension course, health Festa holding

Let's go to library!

  • Recruitment of the 14th Aso City reading impressionistic essay contest works
  • Notice
  • Bookmobile
  • Book notice

Calendar & joy contribution of living

  • At-home medicine
  • Medical examination
  • Counseling service on
  • Child care
  • Marriage
  • Contribution
  • Baby
  • The eighty-eighth birthday
  • Movement of person
  • Apology and correction
 P32-33[1.9MB] Approach of ASO Rural Space Museum satellite
P34-35[2.8MB] Photoreport "Aso Marchais, ONSEN gasutoronomiuokingu"
P36-37 [2.3MB]

■Under recruitment of "eighth size Aso spirit walk 2018" participants

Local production for local consumption cooking "potage of potato and green asparagus"

Refreshing freshman Ryoko Ichihara (ichihararyoko)

Back cover [1.3MB] Aso photo on Instagram
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