February, 2018 issue

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Main contents

Cover [626KB] ■The rime on trees on dirt beef and Mount Aso

■We believe power of person. Brand zen of pride and crop of Aso


■Run after dream; and 髙kyoommu Namino Elementary School six years


■2018 Aso City coming-of-age ceremony

■Assistance measures of four "rebuilding of house" to person who suffered from Kumamoto earthquake
 News of house rehabilitation support project


■We accept report of residence tax and National Health Insurance tax tax for 2017

■Topic of town

  • Effort Atsushi Horikawa is zuitakarasokoshojusho for disaster restoration
  • Manner improvement suit Aso cigarette sale cooperative of smoker works on cleaning
  • "Station Monzen, Aso of water" is open to saucer of inbound at Monzen-cho mall
  • Aim; Tokyo Olympics participation Shuto Morinaga is national convention the third straight victory of taekwondo
  • We aim at future sprinter, and Olympics medalist instructs children in the land
  • 2017 "work about tax" commendation to deepen by interest in tax calligraphy

■Topic (follow) of town

  • The achievement "contact company" win green ribbon prize for welfare drama to report smile to
  • We present motorcycle rack of Aso center High School production to city by bicycle closer
  • Local relief, 2018 Aso City firefighting team New Year parade of fire brigades that we keep safely
  • The thirteenth Aso citizen area opposition relay road race meeting result
  • Kyushu, national convention participants introduction and result
  • Visiting rice tubs of Mt. Kishima can pass mountain climbing route from the Mt. revival Kishima mountaintop
  • Saucer as sightseeing spot is wide, and Aso City sightseeing seminar is held

■It is light Internet utilization private supplementary school on the Internet more usefully in life

■Administrative Staff (nursery staff) offer of nursery school

■2017 self-defense official cadet (boy) employment examination (dai 5.6 next)

■To person breeding chicken, goat, wild boar


■News from city hall

  • Information for deadline of various support systems in Kumamoto earthquake
  • About application period extension of contribution for some destruction household
  • Do you finish issue application of my number card and receiving?
  • Payment of municipal tax is convenient fund transfer!
  • Rates such as arrearages were reviewed (review of exception of ratio of arrearages and return addition gold)
  • Do you finish consultation of National Health Insurance identification medical examination, elderly aged 75 or over medical care medical examination?

■Information of living

  • Information for "school expenses loan of country" (Japanese policy safe)
  • We are careful about notices of imaginary request!
  • Castration operation antifertility to house dog, domestic cat!
  • Recruitment of Kumamoto person with a disability sports conventionalists
  • Let's check road information in the snow
  • 2018-2019 year "national forest monitor" offer

■Request of News delivering machine management

■Shohei Hino comes over! Japan vertical section koro trip

■Route 57 north side restoration route two folds mountain pass tunnel construction progress

■Aso cycle tourism communication Vol.13 Japan Eco truck "ride in Aso 2018"


■Caldera living Vol.14
 For UNESCO world Geopark again authorized examination
 Because ... Aso is area appropriate for world Geopark; ...

■Aso medical center communication #28

  • News of role home delivery of cooked foods course as local core hospital
  • Dr. doctor introduction Hisashi Matsumoto

Let's go to library!

  • Notice
  • Bookmobile
  • Book notice



■Calendar & joy contribution of living

  • At-home medicine
  • Medical examination
  • Counseling service on
  • Child care
  • Baby
  • Marriage
  • Contribution
  • The eighty-eighth birthday
  • Movement of person

■Aso City business and industry society youth group relay interview Takayuki Sado to act in hometown

■Local production for local consumption cooking "pot-au-feu of turnip"

■Refreshing freshman shrine Shintaro Saki

Back cover [1.1MB] ■Aso photo on Instagram
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