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Furusato nozei (hometown tax)

Aso City oldness and support donation


Aso City of Kyushu is located in the center, and is almost comfortable town in magnificent natural environments having one of the world's largest Aso calderas around Mt. Aso five and very large grassy plain.

We aim at town development full of charm that anyone can live for with world heo aim of new Aso - ONLYONE ... that person is connected in city and creates in peace.

We worked on "ASO environment symbiosis fund" for to maintain natural environments of Aso, and home tax payment system of city to keep in good condition, but information sent charm of Aso City by agriculture and sightseeing that would be key industry more in future and began home tax payment system "Aso City hometown support donation" (with article of thanks) for the purpose of planning activation of regional economy such as sales promotion and consumption expansion of area special product and employment promotion until now from November, 2017.

As we have you know Aso City triggered by this oldness and support donation and will wrestle to be able to think that it is with the second oldness, I would like warm support.

Use of donation

We spend donation that everybody gave to as general project of Aso City carefully.

About article of thanks

About article of thanks

We present article of thanks toward the individuals who had you contribute more than 5,000 yen in one having address outside Aso City.

In the case of application, article (product) of thanks, please choose article you like from division corresponding to the amount of contribution.
(note) please note that address does not ship article of thanks about one in Aso City.

Preferential treatment system of tax

When we perform contribution (home tax payment) in the local government which oneself chose, it is system to subtract constant contribution amount of money from income tax and personal residence tax. (there is the constant upper limit)

When we contribute for the local government, special subtraction is received in addition to subtraction when we contribute any place other than the local government.

Please see Aso City home tax payment (contribution) system about application of donation subtraction in detail.

Summary of home tax payment (contribution) system

As a general rule, it is necessary to perform final income tax return to receive subtraction of tax. ("home tax payment one stop exception system" begins on April 1, 2015.) Please see Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications portal site about one stop exception and home tax payment in detail.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications home tax payment portal site

Application method of contribution and delivery method

Application for contribution becomes one of application from the Internet and the applications by mail.

■Application from the Internet

We can propose in home tax payment portal site (oldness and choice). Please send matter necessary for application form after input.

Please deliver the delivery of donation with postal transfer paper at the nearest post office during November. The delivery by credit card is possible from 1:00 p.m. on December 1.

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■Application (inquiry, document request) by mail

Please connect with JTB furupofurusato tax payment call center. We send contribution application, postal transfer paper, list of articles of thanks.

Please deliver the delivery of donation with postal transfer paper at the nearest post office.

  • JTB furupofurusato tax payment call center
    Telephone: 0570-666-532
    Reception desk: From year round 10:00 17:00 (except 1/1 - 1/3)

(note) as consign contribution duties to JTB West Japan, I would like notification to "JTB furupofurusato tax payment call center" if there are inquiries including product of application method and thanks.

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(note) would like oldness and inquiry about system of support donation to Economic Department town development section.
 Economic Department town development section
 Telephone: 0967-22-3318

  • Economic Department town development section
  • Telephone 0967-22-3318