Expense account (for June, 2018)

Outbreak date Division Title The expense
June 7 Article charges Souvenir (Fukuoka-shi government office) at the time of request visit of the medium-and-long term dispatch staff concerned with Kumamoto earthquake 1,950 yen
June 7 Fee The Aso area main pivot project briefing session social gathering mayor, deputy mayor attendance 10,000 yen
June 7 Fee Shiga bestowal of an order receipt of a decoration memory celebration 10,000 yen
June 21 Barrel Kumamoto veterinarian society Aso central part Branch ordinary session of the Diet 4,000 yen
June 21 Fee Meeting in celebration of Kumamoto parliamentary speaker appointment 10,000 yen
June 29 Fee Association of Aso City rubber-ball baseball general meeting 5,000 yen
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