About copyright, link of Aso City homepage

Copyright Policy

As a general rule, each file such as document or image published in our homepage and rights about the contents belong to Aso City, and we are protected by international treaty, law (original work author owns copyrights such as some images). In addition, generally names such as company name, brand name published in our homepage are trademark, registered trademarks of the companies concerned.

We prohibit that unauthorized use, reproduction, reproduction, sale, modification, print distributes document, image published in our homepage without permission of Aso City unless it is detected in Copyright Act including "reproduction for private use" and "quotation".

Link policy

As a general rule, link to our homepage is free, but declines link from homepage against laws and ordinances and public order and morals firmly.

It is unnecessary about prior notification, but please let know URL, contact information of the homepage, person in charge name to General Administration Division when we linked.

!When you link, please be careful about next!

  1. We do not arrange limit about link to each file in "Aso City homepage" (http://www.city.aso.kumamoto.jp/), but we move or may delete file without notice.
  2. I decline form to display as a part of frame of link and homepage of form to display in combination with site of user concerned at all. Please set link in form that new browser is opened up by all means, and this site is displayed.
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