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Pension, tax

We accept report of residence tax and National Health Insurance tax for 2017

Illustration of reception desk

As of January 1, 2018, you must report one having address in Aso City about income which you occurred a year from January 1, 2017 to December 31 by residence tax report or final income tax return of income tax by March 15.

We accept final income tax return of simple income tax in the same schedule, but there is thing which cannot accept by contents including associate final income tax return of which died by the end of capital gain, amount of dividend income, 2017 such as capital gain, stocks such as first year to report home loan subtraction or land, building. Please declare on this occasion in Aso taxation office.

Reception desk period

From Friday, February 16 to Thursday, March 15

Reception hours

From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
※The opening is 8:30 a.m.


  • We adjust to prevent congestion about schedule so that deflection does not appear in the daily reception desk number of people by income distribution of report situation of last year and filer of each administrative section.
  • When it is difficult to come on designation day, we hope that we come over in the afternoon on the nearest day. 

Namino venue

[place] Namino branch (health welfare center)


Time Target administrative section
Friday, February 16 On Naranoki field, red Nita, small ground field, slope, it is moderation, Yamazaki, Nakae
Monday, February 19 Kozono, Sasakura, avenue, ritsutsuka, Yokobori, play sparrow, Nita water, Takimizu

Aso venue

[place] Uchinomaki branch size meeting room


Time Target administrative section
Tuesday, February 20 One ward of Uchinomaki, Minamimiyabaru, princess of the Dragon Palace
Wednesday, February 21 Two wards of Uchinomaki, Ozato, Niimura, Motomura, me;mei ka Hara, former Kurokawa, Kurokawa Sencho
Thursday, February 22 Three wards of Uchinomaki, Uchinomaki four wards, Nishikozono, mouth, Kokura of Hara, lower Hara, Uenishi Kurokawa, Shimonishi Kurokawa
Friday, February 23 Yunoura, Yamada, Nishikokura, Konodacho, Atogase, Matoishi
Monday, February 26 Five wards of Uchinomaki, Minamikurokawa, Kario one ward, Kario two wards
Tuesday, February 27 Uto, Koike, Kuronagaremachi, Kitakurokawa, Kario three wards
Wednesday, February 28 Nishiyunoura, stone of eagle, now-cho, Akamizu
Thursday, March 1 Narikawa, *, Kurumagaeri
Friday, March 2 Deep layer, Orito, Hamakawa, Nagakusa

 Ichinomiya venue

[place] Central government office north side annex size meeting room 


Time Target administrative section
Monday, March 5 Under Shiotsuka, Sakuracho, east Kurokawa, Bo
Tuesday, March 6 One ward of share, Fukuhara, riding ground, bean bill, upper Yakuinbaru, Kurabara
Wednesday, March 7 Two wards of shares, Koga, downtown area, way buttocks, Takehara
Thursday, March 8 One ward of west, west two wards, share three wards, Fukuoka, Kamimachi, Nishinakamachi, Haraguchi, lower Yakuinbaru, Nishimachi
Friday, March 9 Three wards of west, old God one ward, Jinseki, Higashinakacho, old castle one ward, Nakahara, Shimonishi riverbank, corner
Monday, March 12 Two wards of old God, old God three wards, old castle two wards, one ward, Kamiide of old castle 3, Uenishi riverbank, westward advance Hara
Tuesday, March 13 One ward of east, east two wards, two wards, old castle four wards, lower Ide of old castle 3, Nishii appearance, lower going down to the eastern provinces Hara
Wednesday, March 14 One ward of north, north two wards, east three wards, one ward, upper going down to the eastern provinces Hara of old castle 5, grass of ogi
Thursday, March 15 One ward of town, town two wards, two wards, old castle six wards, old castle seven wards, Mainoya of old castle 5

(note) during report period other than report venue in (Tax Affairs Section windows) please note that cannot accept.

We have you bring to report reception desk venue

(note) as may not accept report when thing necessary for calculation of income and deductions from income is not prepared, please be careful.

  1. Seal

  2. My number cards
    With introduction of social security, tax number system, mention of my number and the presentation of identity verification documents are necessary for report.

    [example of documents when we perform identity verification (number confirmation, identification), to use]

    • Example 1 my number card (number confirmation and identification):
    • Example 2 including identification of insured person, pension book of notification card (number confirmation) + driver's license, passport, health insurance (identification):
  3. Thing necessary for calculation of income
    [income such as business, agriculture income or income from real estate]
    Income and expenditure itemized statement, sales book, purchase book, bankbook, receipt, account book
    When receive exception of taxation of agriculture income by sale of beef for meat, beef sale certificate for meat

    [) such as earned income, miscellaneous incomes (public pension or retirement income]
    Withholding slips such as earned income

    [occasional income]
    When there are expiration of a term and lump sum, the cancellation of a contract such as individual annuity or life insurance, return gold letters of advice

    [capital gain or forest income]
    When perform transfer (buying and selling, expropriation) of assets such as land and building, the forest, contract or certificate

    [amount of dividend income]
    Withholding slip or payment letters of advice such as amounts of dividend income

  4. Thing necessary for calculation of deductions from income
    [medical expenses subtraction]
    Receipt of medical expenses that we paid for the person or spouse and relative with living as one

    [social insurance deduction]
    Subtraction certificates such as national pension premium and national pension fund latch
    Receipts such as National Health Insurance tax, elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium, care premium and farmer's pension premium

    [amount of reduction for life insurance]
    Subtraction certificate of general life premium that we paid based on life insurance contracts, individual annuity premium that we paid based on personal pension insurance contracts, care medical care premium that we paid based on care medical insurance contracts

    [earthquake premium subtraction]
    Subtraction certificate of premium that we paid based on earthquake insurance contracts that insurance was aimed for house or assets for life

    [allowance for disabled persons]
    We prove person or spouse and relative with impaired mind and body with living as one (disability certificates)

    [credit for dependents, spousal deduction]
    We know my number of relative targeted for subtraction

    [deduction from petty losses]
    Check of the amount of losses such as house, household effects which we suffered from

  5. Others
  • As you can subtract from income amount of money for 2017 by report when there is amount of money (carrying forward subtraction) that we were not able to subtract from income amount of money for 2016 in one where deduction from petty losses caused by Kumamoto earthquake was received, please bring reserve of report in last year.
  • The amount of case that income except earned income that received year-end tax adjustment in salaried employees who are less than 20 million yen in amounts of money such as salaries is less than 200,000 yen and public pension income is lower than 4 million yen, and, in income tax, it is said that we do not need presentation of decision report when income except miscellaneous incomes to modify public pension is less than 200,000 yen, but it is necessary to submit report in conjunction with miscellaneous incomes to modify earned income, public pension about other income which are less than 200,000 yen in residence tax.
  • One that there was not of person and income having only tax-exempt income (survivor's pension, invalidity pension) is not caught reduction measures such as health insurance taxes (ryo) if we do not report so.
  • General affairs department Tax Affairs Section
  • Telephone 0967-22-3148