About rabies vaccination

It is bitten by dog which held rabies virus and is infected when scratched, and rabies is approximately 100% of extremely dangerous person beast common infectious diseases to die if it develops. As dog was obliged to carry out vaccination in Japan, there is no example that occurred for approximately 50 years. However, case losing life for rabies has not yet come all over the world. (as for the annual death estimate number of people 50,000 people.)                                                                                           Above all, in late years the number of large number of outbreak is reported in Russia or Southeast Asia where interchange becomes popular, and it may be said that there is rabies in the situation that can occur when in Japan.

Patrol of rabies vaccination


Dogs more than 91 days after birth


It is Sunday, October 28 from Saturday, October 27, 2018

2018 rabies vaccination patrol itinerary [55KB]

Flow of meeting injection

1.On the day thing necessary

  • "Pet dog registration, injection vote and application"
  • Per one injection fee 3,100 yen (have been injected rabies vaccination charges 2,600 yen vote charges 500 yen)
  • It is 3,000 yen per one registration fee (when we register newly)

2.Reception desk

  • In the case of reception desk, please submit "pet dog registration, injection vote and application".
  • As registration application is necessary when it is registered dog newly, please report.

3. Accounts

  • When we give only injection: It is 3,100 yen because of one of them
  • When we inject with registration of dog: It is 6,100 yen because of one of them    

(note) please cooperate not to need change.
(note) as issue rabies vaccination finished vote, please attach to dog. Rabies vaccination finished vote is required to attach to dog anytime by law (rabies prophylaxis Article 4 Clause 3 and Article 5 Clause 3) with dog license.


  ・Please control well to turn the back side of dog to veterinarian.

5. Instructions

  1. Please keep body of dog clean.
  2. In venue, you are careful about accidents of emergency, and please mind states such as dog or rope (lead).
    Rope (lead) lasts briefly, and reel type lead lengthening for a long time, please hang stopper properly.
  3. Please attach collar, rope (lead).
  4. In injection, it is necessary for owner to hold dog in check by oneself. Person suppressed well come surely.
  5. When change of owner and house dog die, please contact.
  6. As meeting injection goes targeting at house dogs which are in good health, in any of the following items, please consult with animal hospital.
    • Before antirabic thing that or we showed by vice-reactions such as anaphylaxis by the vaccine dosage is clear
    • Fever, cough, diarrhea, abnormality including severe skin disease are recognized
    • There is not interval during treatment continuation of illness or healing period later
    • It is just after parturient short notice without interval or delivery after the mating
    • Old
    • There is inappetence or clear nutritional disorder
    • It is in extreme excitement state without calming being accepted by control of owner
    • Epilepsy attack has been caused within one year
  7. Dog which might bite, please prepare muzzles.
  8. Please arrive after finishing urination bowel movement. Owner takes responsibility if you do urine service, and please clear up.

6, others

①When we cannot go to the nearest injection venue

We can receive preventive injection in other venues. Come to convenient place.
We can ask animal hospital and veterinarian directly. (ask other rates including medical examination charges in each animal hospital.)

  • As issue of ... injection finished vote is received when we inject at animal hospital in Aso City, procedure in Aso City is unnecessary.
  • As "identification of rabies vaccination finished" (certificate of paper) is handed in ... injection by veterinarian when we inject at animal hospital out of the Aso City, you have been injected in Aso City government office, Uchinomaki branch, Namino branch, and please file for issue of vote.

②Person who does not finish registration of dog

One owning dog by law has a duty to enroll in the municipalities of the location. Please register dog of non-registration. Registration is once throughout life because of one of them.
In addition, in the case of registration, I hand registration vote (license). License proves registration of the dog; become important.

③About breeding of dog

  • Pasturage of house dog is fear that is great for person and child whom dog is hard for to deal with. It may lead to unexpected accident. Dog, please be careful not to run away without keeping loose.
  • We bring feces taking a walk of dog in house as manner of owner by all means, and let's clean up. In the case of walk, let's have tool (plastic bags) to take home with it.
  • Citizen's Department citizen's section
  • Telephone 0967-22-3135