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The operational situation

ASO environment symbiosis fund business report

 We had you put thought for Aso to ASO environment symbiosis foundation in form called contribution from companies and groups of the whole country, personal all of you a lot sequentially in 2017. As a result, a total of 2,971 contribution applications until the end of March, 2018 reached a total of 68,863,671 yen.
We utilize fund and are wrestling in project such as environmental education project which we did led by children carrying the future of ① Aso, protection project of valuable wild plant growing wild in ② Aso, ③ scenery, environment maintenance now.
We will hope that we have your support, cooperation in future as we will work on maintenance, maintenance of natural environments of Aso still more.

1.Environmental education to children
(1)Natural observation, learning society
We hold nature observation, learning fair to tell preciousness splendor that nature of Aso has toward children carrying the future.
(2)Grassy plain learning of Aso
We push forward learning in elementary school in cooperation with Aso grassy plain reproduction meeting to bring up leading figure of maintenance, maintenance of grassy plain.
(3)Making of grassy plain learning DVD
We made DVD which we introduced grassy plain which was important natural environments of Aso to. We distribute to all elementary and junior high schools in Kumamoto and are inflected as the vice-teaching materials of grassy plain environment learning of Aso.
Burning off a field experience of children

State of natural observation, learning society

2.Protection project of rare wild plant
(1)Cultivation of rare plant
Precious plant which is seen only in Aso decrease because is endangered, serve as environmental education of children to carry evasion and the next generation of the extinction of kind on, and carry out cultivation of rare plant in elementary school in the city. In addition, in cooperation with "meeting protecting nature of Aso," we carry out similar project in Ieno grass garden of national Aso youth exchange.
(2)Maintenance of biological diversity
There is damp ground which is particularly important, and is very large called hotspot on grassy plain of Aso and performs proof for establishment of effective management technique in conjunction with growth distribution investigation toward maintenance of the damp ground.
Children planting seedling of wild grass
Children planting seedling of wild grass
3.Project such as scenery, environmental maintenance
(1)Project such as grassy plain reproduction
Aso City has various splendid natural sceneries. However, with a part of the grassy plain of biggest in Japan scale, burning off a field is delayed, and becoming goes ahead through barren land and the forest. This has an influence on growth of rare wild plant as well as loss of beautiful grassy plain scenery.
Therefore we work on grassy plain reproduction including felling of cedar forest around Kusasenri that is pronoun of grassy plain scenery and support activities such as groups wrestling for maintenance, reproduction of natural scenery eagerly.

The Mount Aso Chisato Uekusa outskirts [before felling] 

[after the felling]

(2)Scenic spot scenery formation promotion project
We perform felling of trouble tree along main sightseeing roads or planting of broadleaf tree to plan the scenery formation in scenic spots in Aso City and improve view.

Shiroyama observation station [before felling] 

[after the felling]

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