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Purpose of fund

 3 municipalities (former Ichinomiyacho, former Asomachi, former Hano-mura) merged approximately 376 square km, total population in approximately 29,000 people on February 11, 2005, and, as for the Aso City, total area was born located at the northeast of Kumamoto. In city, we raise to "the world of new Aso - ONLY ONE that person is connected and creates with ..." and promote municipal administration.

 Habitation grows wild, and, in Aso, magnificent nature scenery which there is not of kind, rich water which the earth of Aso said to be "water jar of Kyushu" brings up, the rare animals and plants of Aso characteristic have rich natural resource in the world including very large grassy plain to boast of one of the world's largest calderas around Mount Aso (Mt. Aso five) got close to as symbolic existence of "country of fire" Kumamoto, the best scale in Japan to. It is necessary that resident living in this ground will protect these as property of nation joint ownership in future from the start and brings up.

 We established "Aso City ASO environment symbiosis fund" to appeal to many people, companies and groups for cooperation in city, and to maintain natural environments of Aso, and to keep in good condition, and to succeed in history.

  Based on this fund, we receive support of people who can put thought to Aso as contribution and carry out various project about natural environments of Aso. I would like support of many of you.

 We pray for pro-environmental behavior spreading out in the whole country with this fund from surge of social mood for environmental protection and the ground of Aso.

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