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Rich natural environments of Aso and the seasonal natural beauty
Grassy plain of Aso
  There is already record, and it is said to "Engi era expression" to be said that grassy plain of Aso proud of the best scale in Japan was written early in the Heian era that it at least continues from the distance Heian era.

  Prairie of Aso where beautiful undulation hill which is too unique in the world leads to is scenery which has been formed for thing long time more than 1,000 years by person and oxen and horses, nature.

Mt. Aso five
 It is Mt. basis, Mt. Naka-dake, Mt. Eboshi, Mt. Kishima and Mt. ranging Aso five really in Takaoka (1,592 meters). It is primary scenery even if we take outer rim of a volcanic crater, anything around crater basin at altitude of approximately 900 meters.

Mt. Aso five

Mt. Kishima

Mt. Aso five

The Mt. Naka-dake crater

Mt. Naka-dake crater eruption of the Strombolian type

Mt. basis to expect from the Takaoka mountaintop

Mt. Naka-dake to see from Kusasenri


Waterfall of Koga
  It is waterfall which is famous as north Blowin' in the Wind waterfall is frozen hard in winter.
 Waterfall frozen hard becomes winter representative scenery of Aso beautifully white.
 In the early spring, ice of waterfall melts, and plop sounds far and is got close to sound to tell spring to Aso.

The Kusasenri ka beach
   Originally circular grassy plain of 1 kilometer in diameter opens at the shallow circular two folds-type crater, and there is hillock of approximately 50 meters in height in central part, and there is pond to east and west. East pond dries up in the dry season, but west pond always has water, and, in the big pond, it is in suitable drinking fountain of beef and horse thrown open, and the scene is one of the charming sights of Aso.

The sand Chisato ka beach
  Old crater trace which is located in the southeastern part of the Aso Mt. Naka-dake crater. There is not vegetation, and violent bave rock and black sandy beach open in contrast with the Kusasenri ka beach and let feeling that is on star except the earth be popular.

  It is hill covered by green of 954 meters above sea level in breast of Mt. Kishima, but this is side volcano of Aso where we erupt, and there was once, too.  The mountaintop becomes hollow in beautiful form that turned down bowl into an earthenware mortar form, and legend that gods of Aso pile up rice and made remains.

Rosebay which colors the mountains of Aso
 Approximately 50,000 rosebays grow wild in sensuikyo in approximately 300,000 stocks, Mt. Naka-dake and the northern foot of Takaoka in the whole area in Mount Aso. We have a heated all at once in about May and color the face of the mountain in bright crimson.
 In addition, it is Chojugaoka Park in north outer rim of a volcanic crater at the same time, and we are in full glory, and one side can enjoy flower and view of Mt. Aso five 10,000 azaleas.


In Mount Aso

Chojugaoka Park

The rare nature animals and plants of Aso
 Blue-and-white flycatcher corbicula, Ogura Lychnis senno, a lot of endangered rare wild animals and plants including primrose inhabit Aso and grow.
 In city, they appoint area of habitation, approximately 6,300 hectares to grow as protection area and they carry out patrol by watchman and try for protection.

Blue-and-white flycatcher corbicula

Gun by dragonfly

Ogura Lychnis senno


Lily of the valley

Gentiana thunbergii


Water jar "Aso" of Kyushu
 Aso is said to be water jar "of" Kyushu located at the approximately central watershed of Kyushu.
 Water brought up at the mountains and grassy plain of Aso is provided as life water and agriculture water of resident of approximately 2,250,000 people equal to approximately a one-sixth of population of Kyushu through six first-grade river in the northern part in Kyushu.
  In addition, water springing out in many places of Aso is known as famous clear water and is so that many people draw from the inside and outside of prefecture with polyethylene tank. Even if there is few, springs more than 1,500 places are confirmed in Mount Aso and outskirts area, and three places of water sources are chosen as 100 selections of Japanese famous clear water as the representative. In Aso gushing out with much water in this way, it may be right said water jar of "Kyushu.
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