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Management of fund


We deposit cash sent to ASO environment symbiosis foundation in financial institution and manage. Or we manage by the method when there is method that is more certain, and is advantageous.
We may manage cash replacing with securities which are the most certain, and are advantageous as needed.

Handling of fund operational gain such as dividends

After having included in Aso City general account, we add dividends to ASO environment symbiosis fund.

Use of fund

Foundation can use all or part only when they assign to project about natural environments symbiosis of Aso.

We exchange and manage

When it is necessary, we exchange, and annual account cash shall be able to apply cash which reels, and determines method, period, the rate of interest of return, and belongs to fund that the Mayor of Aso is certain in finance of Aso City. In addition, you reel by methods that determined cash which the Mayor of Aso exchanges and managed and must do return.
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