About empty house bank

In Aso City, "empty houses establish information bank system" in city resident in hope of emigration, domiciliation in information of "empty house" and "vacant land" in the city to provide.

One thinking which "we want to live in Aso" "to want to spend time usefully slowly in the country", please use the system.

In addition, in one owning empty house and vacant land in the city, empty houses, please register that rental and sale to city resident are possible with information bank.

Living environment

One which is inconvenient though we want to live in the country...
Town which is recommended to such a person.

Town eminent in Japan where Aso City was given one of the world's largest calderas, the Japan's biggest grassy plain.

Living environment is set well, too, and residential area has facilities, stores necessary for life.

Do you not begin substantial living with convenience in Nature?

Immigrant introduction

We are preparing for information now. Wait a minute.

Toward Aso citizen

As for procedure, reports various from information about house, various Counseling service on,
We place information to live on Aso City comfortably.

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