About this homepage

We renewed Aso City homepage in March, 2014. Renewal was successful and planned improvement of convenience of users and modernized the following points.

Function of this homepage

We coped with automatic translation to "English" "Chinese" "Korean" newly to have you know Aso City widely toward the foreign countries from point of view to aim at international environmental tourist city. We can perform automatic translation of site from button at top of the page. ※This translation function translates homepage by machine automatically. Proper nouns may not be translated exactly. You understand, and please read.

In consideration of readability of sentence of various users, we introduced "size change" function. We can change size in button click easily.

We displayed "event calendar" which made it easy to refer to sightseeing spot proud of one of the world's largest calderas, event information of Aso City in top page.

In pages of enormous quantity, we displayed "main menu" not to make any being at a loss even if we read what page on detailed page. In addition, search feature is available from almost all pages, too.

We made category to "look for information coherent to life of Aso citizens from life scene" and made it easy to access. In addition, we look for and do not be not crowded and go down by other information setting up "we look for from classification".

We introduced "page for print" button. Page for print which covers unnecessary part on page, and fits into paper of A4 size when users print contents of Aso City homepage and use by clicking is displayed with new window. ※In the Aso City homepage, various effects such as improvement of accessibility are provided using CSS (style sheet) advocated by W3C by making along "Web standard", but, in the characteristic, some images such as icons are not displayed in print. Thank you for your understanding.

Color of background was changed to black and white with button. We can raise Web accessibility by considering sense of color properties.

Explanation of icon

When you look at page where the following icons including downloading of application are displayed in Aso City homepage, application software is necessary.

  • Leader at Adobe of file Adobe Systems of Portable Document Format (Adobe Reader)
  • Word (Word) of file Microsoft of Word form
  • Excel (Excel) of file Microsoft of Excel format
  • We can read this Rich Text file file by most word-processing softwares.
    If it is Windows, we can use "even word pad".

In addition, about leader at Adobe, the latest edition is available from site (http://get.adobe.com/jp/reader/) of Adobe Systems gratis.