We hold "municipal administration briefing session" aiming at open municipal administration

 Deputy mayor, the superintendent of education, each manager meet citizen's all of you including the mayor in person so that municipal administration becomes more imminent, and explanation of measures that future approach and city about Kumamoto earthquake are wrestling now exchanges opinions.
 At holding time, it is from all venue 7:00 p.m. In addition, may come over to any venue.
 We look forward to participation of many of you.

Holding district Date Venue
Namino district Friday, September 28 Namino health welfare center
Princess of the Dragon Palace district Monday, October 1 Princess of the Dragon Palace gymnasium
Kurokawa, Yakuinbaru district Tuesday, October 9 Aso Elementary School gymnasium
Yamada district Friday, October 12 Yamada Elementary School gymnasium
Kario district Monday, October 15 Tail ka stone eastern part gymnasium
Nagamizu, Atogase, Matoishi district Tuesday, October 16 Aso west Elementary School gymnasium
Uchinomaki district Friday, October 19 Farm village environment improvement center
Old site of a castle ward Monday, October 22 Old castle public hall
Medium-grade articles district Thursday, October 25 Medium-grade articles public hall
Sakanashi district Friday, October 26 Sakanashi public hall
Miyaji district Wednesday, October 31 Employment improvement center
Municipal administration briefing session document [8.5MB]
  • General affairs department General Administration Division
  • Telephone 0967-22-3111