Aso Mt. Naka-dake caution information

Aso Mt. Naka-dake crater information is as follows.

The update date and time January 15, 2018 10:00 a.m.
Caution level

Eruption caution level 1 (we note that it is active volcano)

※About the reopening of visit to crater, it becomes undecided.

Neighboring information

Road regulation

※Access road (shidosensuikyosen) to crater east observation station suffers by Kumamoto earthquake disaster, and house entrance ~ sensuikyokan of national Aso youth exchange is closed entirely.

Mountain climbing regulation

 ○Mount Aso mountain climbing information (Kumamoto Aso Promotion Bureu)

[mountain climbing route regulation figure (Portable Document Format)]
 Figure of Mt. Naka-dake regulation [157KB]


※As there might be fall of ash depending on the direction of the wind, please take measures such as hat or mask, umbrella.

Phenomenon  There is no eruption after October 8, 2016
Colored smoke  
The crater [the Mt. Naka-dake first crater]
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Direction of the wind expectation banner of the sky of Mount Aso (Mt. Naka-dake) 

[department of Kumamoto engineering works erosion control section issuance]
 Mount Aso volcano disaster prevention map


Aso volcano disaster prevention meeting meeting telephone 0967-22-3111

Aso volcano disaster prevention meeting meeting homepage

The preparation to fall of ash

If volcanic activity becomes active, influence by volcanic ashes is expected.
We fix prior preparations enough to protect the body from volcanic ashes, and let's prepare for emergency.

  • If volcanic ashes get into eyes, let's drain with water without rubbing by hand.
  • Let's refrain from contacts.
  • Let's put on mask on going out and cleaning.
  • Let's refrain from intense exercise.
  • Let's refrain from opening and shutting of door and window to a minimum.
  • Let's take off jacket if we come home from the outside before entering indoors.
  • Let's be careful about traffic accident (view defectiveness and brakes functional decline)
  • Let's prepare for suspension of water supply and blackout by fall of ash.

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Kumamoto: Sightseeing in Aso map (distance from the crater) [965KB]

  • General affairs department General Administration Division disaster prevention measures room
  • Telephone 0967-22-3111