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Event information calendar

onda Festival (kokuzoshinsha) image

onda Festival (kokuzoshinsha)

"onda" As for this to festival to be invited to, Aso great gracious god is Aso...
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  • List of public facilities
  • Unoccupied house information of Aso City unoccupied house bank Aso
  • Station baby of baby and reliable map which goes out

The number of the households, population

The number of the households
11,402 households
12,760 people
14,171 people
The total
26,931 people
(as of June 30, 2017)
  • Large encyclopedia of Aso pedia Aso
  • Aso volcano west crater regulation information
  • Special dish online shop ASOMO of Aso
  • Aso medical center
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